To the sky! To space! Taking up the challenge of the aerospace industry!

The aerospace industry is one of the key foundations of Japan as a technology-oriented nation, and is expected to show strong growth in the future.
In order to exploit the precision machining technology we have cultivated in the automotive parts manufacturing industry, we have decided to enter a “NEW STAGE” in the aerospace industry.
As our departure point for entering the aerospace industry, we have acquired certification according to AS9100—a standard based on ISO 9001 which incorporates the high quality requirements of the aerospace industry—and established a system for contract production of aerospace parts as our foundation.
In our “NEW STAGE” in the aerospace field, we will adopt a stance of pursuing quality, and work to further improve our machining technology.
You can expect big things from Ogino Industrial's move to a “NEW STAGE.”

  AS9100 (JISQ9100 Aerospace) Ogino Industrial has acquired AS9100 (JISQ9100) certification.

It is no exaggeration to say that the aerospace industry places greater emphasis on safety than any other industry.
Aircraft are a means of transportation used by many people, and a strict standard for quality management systems is regarded as essential because requirements for quality, safety and reliability are stringent, and even highly unlikely, minor mistakes are not permissible.
At Ogino Industrial, we have previously responded to the needs of our customers by carrying out quality management based on the ISO 9001 international standard for quality management systems.
We have newly acquired certification according to the AS9100 (JISQ9100) quality management system for aerospace, and on that basis we will pursue high quality in the aerospace field, and offer safe products our customers can be satisfied with.

AS9100 (JISQ9100)

  What is AS9100 (JISQ9100)?

This is the latest version of a global standard for the aerospace industry, enacted in Japan, based on ISO 9001 and incorporating requirements specific to the aerospace industry.
This standard includes all elements of ISO 9001, and requirements specific to the aerospace industry are also included.
Aerospace specific requirements include project management, risk management, configuration management, key characteristic management, initial product inspection, and special processes.


  Adoption of CAD/CAM system

CAD/CAM is a system for design and manufacturing with the assistance of computers.
By adopting this system, we achieve high quality, short delivery periods, and low cost, and thereby ensure customer satisfaction.



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