Oil jet

 Oil jet
 (Engine parts for piston cooling)


Plastic working technology

  1. High-precision composite cold heading technology using various types of heading plans and die design technology

  2. Downsizing and thin-wall machining technology employing work hardening

  3. Weight reduction forging technology employing hole machining technology (pipe parts, parts with small diameter 2-stage holes)

  4. Thin-wall thread rolling, pipe bending, extrusion, deep drawing, etc.

Spherical heading

Surface treatment and heat treatment technology

  1. Heat treatment technology for providing steel surfaces with wear resistance

  2. Surface treatment technology for reducing the friction coefficient of steel

Spherical inner diameter grinding

Precision machining technology

  1. Technology for improving surface roughness of high-hardness materials (hard turning, burnishing, electrolytic abrasive grain polishing)

  2. Spherical heading and grinding technology; spherical swaging technology

  3. Ultra high-speed cutting technology, grinding technology for various odd shapes, fit grinding technology

  4. Low-temperature brazing and rotary friction welding technology (heterogeneous metals)

  5. Discharge technology for opening small diameter holes

  6. Modeling and design of dies and jigs using 3D CAD


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